EcoCab LLC is committed to serving our local community with reliable, green, inexpensive and honest taxi cab service.  Pioneered right here in Longview and Kelso, our fleet of cars are not hybrid but rather fully electric vehicles capable of being recharged from a typical wall socket – the efficiency and savings is passed along to you in lower fares and to the environment with ZERO emissions.

Need a quick ride to the grocery store, restaurant or night club?  Our Nissan Leaf is the perfect option for in town trips.  Need to see a relative in Castle Rock or Vancouver?  Our Chevy Volt is electric AND has a backup gas generator for longer fares with its 350 mile range.  In addition, our newest cab, the Tesla Model S provides luxury transportation with rates that are more affordable than most limousine services.  We are now able to drop you off at the Portland and Seattle airport without using any fossil fuels!